Quantum Global Communications (QGC) has global footprint. World’s renowned telecommunication carriers deliver their international voice traffic to QGC as we provide with low cost and high quality voice termination services in strategic and hard to reach destinations across the globe.Quantum Global Communications is an international carrier of voice traffic with over 100 interconnects across the globe. Our voice wholesale VoIP carrier network offers scalability in terms of capacity and destinations.
We also have the capability of partitioning our switch platform thus offering other carriers and telcos to utilize QGC services for their voice termination business.

Services and Platforms:


Voip Whole Sale:
QGC is a leading provider of advanced voice services to global telecommunications wholesale carriers.Our philosophy at QGC is very simple, we focus on one product – voice. Our network and systems are all designed to make us a leading wholesale voice service provider.
We offer wholesale telephony services using conventional circuit-switched and IP telephony to directly connect our customers to local markets.
QGC is providing “Quality Minutes” to carriers across the globe and once inter-connected, customers can terminate international voice through the QGC network. QGC provides a service to customers those have a need for high quality international voice services at competitive prices.


SMS Services:
QGC offer secure and high performance cloud based SMS platform to cater bulk SMS and group SMS requirements all over the world. We enable customers both in mobile and internet industry to generate new revenue streams while remained focused on their core business activities.


Call Centers:
QGC is providing cost effective and high quality connectivity to Call centers for their VoIP based outgoing calls. We have the network, capacity and connection to terminate calls around the globe and are trustworthy business partners of small scale to large scale Call centers.


As a Supplier:

As a Customer:
QGC ’s huge minute volumes, to a full A-Z of destinations, make us an excellent customer,Incredibly fast interconnect times will have your routes carrying traffic and generating revenue in the quickest possible times.