VOIP Wholesale

QGC offers premium wholesale voice services through our state of the art network, providing reliability, quality and stability. With 24×7 traffic monitoring, partnerships with apex carriers worldwide, experienced resources and the capability to deliver seamless voice quality, QGC remains a trusted partner for the global market. Additionally, due to our long running partnerships with local operators in select destinations including Pakistan, Europe, Ghana, Bangladesh and India, we are able to provide attractive rates and an increased capacity to ensure you can connect to your customers no matter where they are.

Least cost routing (LCR) enables us to route traffic strategically and to provide the best possible pricing. Our A-Z termination offers are some of the most competitive and flexible in the market.

Our network ensures redundancy on both soft-switch level and upstream bandwidth stage, which allows us to offer the highest echelon of service and uptime for our direct global interconnects.

We can provide tailored tariff plans to customers depending on their service requirements. With this rating mechanism, customers are able to obtain rates based on A-Leg charging, or different originating numbers can be charged with different rates on the same destination.

SMS Services

Our secure and stable cloud-based SMS platform, manages all your bulk and group SMS needs. We can help your business generate new revenue streams and provide you with the peace of mind to manage your operational costs and expenses. We have SMS interconnects with numerous service providers worldwide and provide reliability through our advanced cloud-based platform. Our SMS Platform guarantees security, stability and quality with the capability to handle high volumes of texts per second, together with 24×7 monitoring, online reporting and technical support for all partners.

QGC’s A2P solution caters to hubbing arrangements for worldwide SMS communication under one platform, eliminating the need to meet multiple conditions of different mobile network operators for traffic routing.

QGC maintains interconnects with all major mobile operators in Pakistan via its group affiliate company in the country, providing a secure channel for your marketing messages, transaction notifications and alerts.

Our flexible plans enable business ease, allowing multiple users to tailor plans to their unique needs: promising quality service, rates, priority and control.

Our flexible plans also allow customers to fine tune features relating to message delivery, time optimization and priority in peak hours.

We offer customers the flexibility to define rule-based routing based on various criterion including customer’s service plan(s). The service also carries an Auto Reconnection and re-routing mechanism, managing peak hour traffic or link failover.

Our system comes complete with ready to deploy standard interfaces to integrate with any network element(s), including interactive service platforms, workflow automation, infotainment and content provider platforms.

We promise a highly secure system to manage vulnerable scenarios such as

    • Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic auth, SMTP AUTH)
    • Blacklist / whitelisting of mobile numbers
    • SSL support for all connections
Our SMS enterprise module gives enterprise customers the option to integrate their existing applications, and also use those in conjunction with our SMS APIs to send service or promotional texts. Customers may use our enterprise self-care portal to send bulk SMS to any number of subscribers which enables them to manage contacts, customize messages, schedule SMS delivery and provide real time analytics.

Call Centers

We offer high quality connectivity to call centers at economical rates for outgoing VoIP traffic. With our leading-edge network and the capability to terminate calls worldwide, you can rely on our service, regardless of the size of your business.